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Bruce Langos
President and COO RG Enterprises and former Teradata COO

Chris was paramount in providing the transformational strategy to allow Teradata to compete more effectively in the Software and Software Maintenance market. The processes implemented provided a scalable and sustainable model of growth. These results are a testament to the strategy and execution that an on demand executive could provide your company.

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9 Ways We Professionalize Your Business Operations...
And Build An Execution-focused Organization To Drive Exponential Growth

Your fractional COO will have an exceptional track record of success driving operational excellence


Strategic Planning

  • We'll develop and execute operational strategies, helping you clarify your most ambitious goals and guaranteeing you achieve them, every time.

Improving Processes

  • We'll fine tune your business processes, so your company can achieve operational excellence across all functions.

Resource Management

  • We'll strategically allocate and optimize resources to drive efficiency and achieve organizational goals efficiently and within budget.

Team Leadership

  • We'll help your team of A-player talent work seamlessly together, so you can harness their collective strengths to deliver desired outcomes.

Risk Management

  • Drawing on years of expertise, we'll identify potential risks to your company's operations and develop strategies to eliminate them.

Performance Monitoring

  • We'll monitor key performance indicators and make changes as necessary, to boost productivity and drive best-in-class performance.

Partner & Vendor Management

  • We'll oversee relationships with vendors, suppliers and strategic partners, to make sure you're always working with top-tier suppliers and service providers.

Technology Integration

  • We'll keep our finger on the pulse of your industry, bringing in cutting-edge tools and AI technologies to help your company stay out in front of the competition.


  • We'll help you establish highly effective communication across all levels of your organization, so your team can operate at their greatest level of efficiency.

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